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Searching and Practicing the "Dao" of Structural Chemistry Course Teaching and Learning: Returning to the Origin of Education and Orienting to the Development of Students

Jian WAN*()   

  • Published:2017-04-20
  • Contact: Jian WAN


It is unquestionable that course teaching and learning is extremely important, however, the process of teaching and learning is complicated. To make it work well, educators should continually research the cognition process and the associated psychological process of human beings, which is a complicated research area. Teaching and learning research is scientific research that can be done well or not so well. The other important reason why the process is complicated is that the teaching and learning process is "chaotic". There is no "one-way" that people teach or learn science; all educators and learners are different. Therefore, there is no "one right way" to teach and learn science. A brief summary of what I learned, thought, and practiced for the course teaching and learning of "structural chemistry" was illustrated in this paper, especially by introducing a systematic SC@O course teaching and learning method, to address a move from teaching concrete discipline concepts and knowledge toward delivering generic skills, especially the LIC thinking skill, the STE@M skill and the ability in written and oral communication.

Key words: Structural chemistry, Course teaching and learning


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