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Instructional Design Case Study on the Curriculum Politics in Inorganic Chemistry: Teaching the Introduction as an Example

Zhanying Ma, Guang Fan, Fengqin Gao, Weixia Xu, Yinli Zhang   

  1. College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xianyang Normal University, Shaanxi Province, Xianyang 712000, China
  • Received:2021-01-18 Accepted:2021-02-17 Published:2021-03-03
  • Contact: Zhanying Ma

Abstract: In order to implement President Xi’s speech on the national conference of ideological and political work in universities, and build a collaborative education mode of ideological and political theory course in the same direction with all kinds of courses, the important practice about utilizing the classroom teaching to educate students has been investigated. In this paper, an example of instructional design about integrating the intellectual education and moral education in the introduction section of inorganic chemistry is discussed, including the setup of learning goal, the selection and presentation of teaching content and development of teaching activities.

Key words: Course ideology and politics, Teaching cases, Inorganic chemistry, Introduction class


  • G64