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Special Issue: 化学实验教学和管理

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Online and Offline Hybrid Research Teaching Practice of Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Dongliang Tian()   

  • Received:2021-05-12 Accepted:2021-07-01 Published:2021-07-14
  • Contact: Dongliang Tian


In view of the existing problems of laboratory teaching in the cultivation of innovative talents, this paper introduces the reform and practice on laboratory teaching of physical chemistry at the School of Chemistry, Beihang University. Online teaching is flexible and not limited by space and time, and offline teaching aims at cultivation of operating ability and scientific literacy. We carried out online and offline integrated research-oriented teaching, including progressive teaching content design, personalized experimental operation guidance and training, scientific research paper report summary, topic presentation and discussion. By combining theoretical methods, virtual operation, practical training and summary discussion, giving full play to the advantages of teachers' guidance and students' main body, multi-dimensional cultivation and improvement of students' scientific literacy, innovative thinking and comprehensive innovation ability, this reform provides beneficial reference for improving the quality of laboratory teaching and promoting the cultivation of innovative talents.

Key words: Physical chemistry laboratory, Hybrid teaching, Research teaching, Innovation ability, Scientific quality


  • G642.0