University Chemistry ›› 2022, Vol. 37 ›› Issue (4): 2107004.doi: 10.3866/PKU.DXHX202107004

Special Issue: 教学理念和方法改革(2022)

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TEP Teaching Method Applied in Analytical Chemistry Course: Application in Acid-Base Titration

Lianmei Chen1,*(), Wanli Wei2, Hongmei Li1, Wensheng Qi1   

  1. 1 School of Food and Biological Engineering, Chengdu University, Chengdu 610000, China
    2 School of Chemistry and Materials Science, Guizhou Normal University, Guiyang 550001, China
  • Received:2021-07-01 Accepted:2021-07-20 Published:2021-09-01
  • Contact: Lianmei Chen


In order to cultivate innovative and practical abilities of college students, it is essential to change the status that knowledge and skill are emphasized, but abilities and moral values are undervalued. Therefore, TEP teaching method is applied in analytical chemistry course. TEP method is a blended teaching model of theory, experiment, and practice. The aim is to construct a progressive teaching system by experimental tasks and practical tasks. First, some tasks and questions are put forwarded to encourage the students' initiative and curiosity; then, students actively look for the answers in learning process; after learning theoretical knowledge, the students can perform experimental tasks themselves with the help of laboratory manual and videos; finally, the students must independently carry out challenging practical tasks. In order to achieve the goals of moral education, the content of ideological and political education should be aptly added into all departments of TEP method. Additionally, an appropriate teaching evaluation is made to implement the TEP method effectively.

Key words: TEP teaching method, Tasks, Content of ideological and political education, Teaching evaluation


  • G642