University Chemistry ›› 2022, Vol. 37 ›› Issue (6): 2108019.doi: 10.3866/PKU.DXHX202108019

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Consolidating Chemistry Foundation, Cultivating Innovative Talents: Construction and Exploration of the Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Course

Yi Yuan, Ning Li(), Yuxiu Wei, Chen Chen, Jianguo Huang, Xufeng Lin, Xiaofeng Li, Congmin Wang, Yong Wang, Peng Wang   

  • Received:2021-08-07 Accepted:2021-09-10 Published:2021-11-24
  • Contact: Ning Li


"Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory" is a professional course for chemistry-major first-year undergraduate students of the "Strengthening Basic Disciplines Plan" and "National Basic Subject Talent Training Plan". Adhering to the teaching concept of "improving academic interest and inspiring exploration desire", we first conducted a placement test and subsequently constructed a phased and progressive teaching content framework for fundamental intensive training and the comprehensive and inquiry experiments. By introducing high-level talents into the teaching team and advocating the heuristic and inquiry teaching method, the goals of "top-notch talent training" and "top-notch innovative talent" were realized. The primary aim was to realize the management of the entire process through the "Learning in ZJU" teaching platform and finally create a new all-round, three-dimensional, and science-education integrated chemistry laboratory course.

Key words: Inorganic and analytical chemistry laboratory, Strengthening Basic Disciplines Plan, National Basic Subject Talent Training Plan, Integration of science and education


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