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Comprehensive Experimental Design of Organic Chemistry Based on Scientific Research Infiltration: Preparation of an Anti-Counterfeiting Ink

Yu Zhang, Tingting Ji, Xinyan Zhang, Chunhao Li, Shuai Wang()   

  • Received:2021-11-26 Accepted:2022-01-10 Published:2022-03-04
  • Contact: Shuai Wang


Being complementary to the organic chemistry theory course, organic chemistry laboratory is an important professional basic course. It occupies a very important position in the curriculum of colleges and universities, because it plays an important role in cultivating students' scientific attitude of linking theory with practice, seeking truth from facts and being strict and serious. The main content has become the entry-level skills for those engaged in chemistry-related professional scientific research. Therefore, it is imperative to carry out the comprehensive innovation experiment of organic chemistry in connection with the frontier of science. The experimental design integrates the synthesis, separation and purification, structural characterization and application of spiropyran molecules with photoisomerization characteristics. The comprehensive experiment is used as the carrier to penetrate the scientific research contents and operation skills into laboratory teaching, so as to preliminarily cultivate students' interest and ability in scientific research. This experiment not only covers the important theoretical knowledge of organic chemistry and basic laboratory skills, but also focuses on cultivating students' professional scientific research ability of using modern instruments to analyze the structure of products. Through the application of products in anti-counterfeiting ink, it strengthens students' awareness of actively mining organic molecules in life. More importantly, this experimental design has great flexibility in teaching arrangement, which can be used in holistic teaching or modular teaching. These characteristics make it more suitable for undergraduate teaching as a comprehensive innovation experiment of scientific research infiltration organic chemistry.

Key words: Scientific research penetration, Comprehensive innovation experiment, Spiropyran, Anti-counterfeiting ink


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