University Chemistry ›› 2022, Vol. 37 ›› Issue (9): 2203098.doi: 10.3866/PKU.DXHX202203098

Special Issue: 化学科普(2022)

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Amazing Photocatalysis

Yan Wang, Qitong Zhang, Bin Zhang, Yu Wang()   

  • Received:2022-03-31 Accepted:2022-05-17 Published:2022-09-02
  • Contact: Yu Wang


When the semiconductor photocatalyst is irradiated by light with energy greater than or equal to the energy band gap, electronic transition will occur between the valence band and the conduction band to form electron-hole pair, thus, a series of oxidation-reduction reactions will happen. Photocatalysis is an efficient and environment-friendly technology for environmental decontamination, having the potential for a breadth of applications. From the perspective of a student, this article leads readers into the magic world of photocatalysis.

Key words: Photocatalysis, Hydrogen production, CO2 reduction, Pollutant degradation