University Chemistry ›› 2020, Vol. 35 ›› Issue (4): 43-49.doi: 10.3866/PKU.DXHX201911057

Special Issue: 全国大学生化学实验创新设计竞赛

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Multi-color Double Fountains

Zhang Afang, Ao Yujuan, Qian Minglai, Wang Yuanyuan, Chen Bo(), Chen Qiming()   

  • Received:2019-11-26 Accepted:2019-12-17 Published:2020-03-04
  • Contact: Chen Bo,Chen Qiming;


Based on the existing single fountain experiment of ammonia and hydrogen chloride, this experiment designed a continuous operation to integrate the preparation, collection, inspection, exhaust gas treatment, gas reaction, fountain experiment and reagent reuse of the two gases. The experimental principle of the fountain colors includes the coordination reaction of ammonia molecule with copper ion, the precipitation reaction of ammonia water and cobalt chloride solution, the color change reaction of leucophenolic phenolic solution, and acidic reaction of ferric chloride and potassium thiocyanate under acidic conditions. The main apparatus of this experiment was designed and customized by the team, and the operation of the experiment is very simple. The use of glass pistons can control the order of the fountains, thus achieving fountains of various colors. At the same time, with the formation of ammonium chloride, white smoke will be produced, and the colorful fountains are as inlaid in the white clouds, which is spectacular. In addition, we have designed a multi-angle interactive communication program that can transfer multiple levels of knowledge to different audiences, open their minds, and let visitors truly feel the charm of chemistry.

Key words: Double fountains experiment, Ammonia gas, Hydrogen chloride, Innovative device, Multi-color


  • G64