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A Comprehensive Chemical Experiment: Synthesis and Characterization of 5-Bromo-1-methylgramine Derivatives

Aidang Lu, Lin Li, Shaoyang Shi, Yanjun Jiang   

  1. School of Chemical Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin 300130, China
  • Received:2021-05-17 Accepted:2021-06-15 Published:2021-06-17
  • Contact: Aidang Lu, Yanjun Jiang;

Abstract: A comprehensive experiment has been designed named "synthesis and characterization of 5-bromo-1-methylgramine derivatives". 5-Bromo-1-methylgramine was synthesized by Hofmann alkylation, Mannich reaction, and salification reaction from 5-bromoindole. Then, a series of derivatives were obtained by reacting with different inorganic or organic acids. Combined with synthesis, characterization and analysis of the target compounds, it can not only improve the students' comprehensive experimental ability, but also train their interests in scientific research and the spirit of innovation and exploration.

Key words: Comprehensive experiment, Gramine derivatives, Mannich reaction, Salification reaction


  • G64