University Chemistry ›› 2021, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (6): 2007019.doi: 10.3866/PKU.DXHX202007019

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Theoretical Rationale and Experimental Evidences on Regioselective Rule in Aromatic Electrophilic Substitution of Disubstituted Benzenes

Jiayi Wang, Jiaxi Xu()   

  • Received:2020-07-07 Accepted:2020-08-19 Published:2020-09-15
  • Contact: Jiaxi Xu


Aromatic electrophilic substitution is a very important method to synthesize different substituted arenes. Its regioselective rule is the theoretical evidence to realize the controlled synthesis of the desired target molecules. Theoretical rationale and experimental evidences on the regioselective rule in the aromatic electrophilic substitution of disubstituted benzenes are discussed here from the viewpoints of stabilities of intermediates, activation energies, and relative reaction rates. It would provide reasonable explanation and experimental evidence for the regioselective rule and is convenient for students to understand correctly.

Key words: Aromatic electrophilic substitution, Regioselectivity, Disubstituted benzene, Activation energy, Relative rate