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Teaching Design of pπ Conjugation in Blended Teaching of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry

Lijuan Feng(), Wenjun Wang, Baohui Qi, Canhui Xiang   

  • Received:2021-10-18 Accepted:2021-11-29 Published:2021-12-17
  • Contact: Lijuan Feng


The understanding and application of pπ conjugation effect is very important for students of pharmaceutical major to learn the chemical properties of organic compounds, but most students can't understand and apply the knowledge by traditional teaching method. Blended teaching has the advantages of traditional teaching and modern information technology teaching mode. Based on the student-centered modular blended teaching of pharmaceutical organic chemistry, the blended teaching program of pπ conjugate is designed. Firstly, the learning objectives of knowledge, ideology and politics are set. And then the network learning content are designed, including the formation conditions of pπ conjugate system, the connotation of pπ conjugate effect and the application of pπ conjugate effect. Meanwhile, the test problems are posted on the learning platform to examine the learning effect. The classroom discussion is carried out around the knowledge objectives, as well as ideological and political objectives to solve students' problems. In the whole process, learning and teaching feedback should be carried out in time, and then teaching will be adjusted and improved according to students' learning, so as to realize student-centered teaching and enable students to learn effectively, systematically and actively.

Key words: Pharmaceutical organic chemistry, pπ conjugation, Blended teaching, Teaching design, Student-centered